Expertly crafted custom WordPress website and site launch.

Our expert team of WordPress Designers and Developers will design and build a completely custom WordPress website for you, from scratch.



Every successful project starts with in-depth discovery. We dive deep into how you plan on using your new website.



Our team of expert Designers and Developers will design and build your custom WordPress website.



Finally, we'll launch your expertly crafted WordPress site and hand over the keys to your new site.


10 days

Once we complete the Discovery phase and you complete the Custom Website checklist, it takes us 10 days to design, build and launch your expertly crafted WordPress site.


  • 4 hours of Discovery and Support with one of our WordPress experts.
  • Our Custom website checklist for you to complete.
  • Expertly Crafted WordPress theme.
  • Expertly curated WordPress plugins.
  • WordPress theme and plugin installation.
  • Custom How-to video documentation on how to use your site.
  • Site Launched on wplauncher.
  • 5 pages of Customization and setup. You can add more pages for a fee.

    Typically this is the Home page, Services/Shop page, Blog page, About page, Contact page:








Please note that this price is for our Custom service only and does not include the costs of any plugins, or hosting. See the FAQs below for more information on these additional costs.

Custom is Perfect for you if...


Is this service for WordPress sites only?

Yes we only offer the Pre-Launch service for launching WordPress sites.

Will you launch my site on another hosting platform?

No, we only launch sites on wplauncher.

How much can I expect to pay for hosting?

It depends on the traffic you expect to get to your site and the nature of it's functionality. If your investing in a completely custom site, and you get a decent amount of traffic, we would recommend investing a little more in one of our premium hosting plans. Typically a more premium plan starts around $32/mo.

How much can I expect to pay for WordPress plugins?

Plugin prices also vary depending on their functionality. There are a bunch of great plugins for free as well but typically you may want to plan on installing 2-3 premium plugins, each in the $50 price range. We always try to find the least expensive plugin for the job.

What's the difference between the custom and the restyle service?

With the Restyle service we are customizing an existing theme for your website. With the Custom service we are designing and building a completely custom WordPress theme for you from scratch.

Do I have to pay anything up front?

Yes, 50% of the final project price will be due up front and the balance will be due on completion.

What is the Custom Website Checklist?

It's your homework you need to complete prior to starting the Build step of your Custom WordPress site. Don't worry we're here to walk you through it but we have some questions we need answered and we need your site content before we can start building anything.

How does the 10 day turnaround work?

We design and build your custom WordPress site over a 10 day period. We book this 10 day design and build phase usually a month in advance so we can complete the Discovery phase and you can complete your Custom Website checklist.

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