About wplauncher

We love to build things that EMPOWER people.

Every tool that we build or will build, is centered around that maxim. We empower people when they use our API to create Web Hosting Companies. We empower people when they learn more about WordPress and Web Development from our courses or our blog. We empower people when they launch one of our business in a box solutions via our API. We empower people when they use a launch button to earn recurring revenue from their customers. We've spent the last 8 years building WordPress sites for clients and honing our coding skills. We've learned a ton from this experience and want to pass on that knowledge to others.

WPLauncher started off as a resource for beginners to learn how to build professional WordPress sites using our Launch Guides. We've since expanded it by building our own hosting platform from the ground up and putting all our clients on it. Then we said to ourselves, "selves, let's share this with all WordPress developers and build an API."

That's exactly what we did, we built an API that makes it easy to launch fully managed WordPress hosting on the fly.

Our first product, the Launch Button, is our proof of concept of what's possible using the API. If you build and sell WordPress themes, forget selling downloads. The Launch Button lets your customers launch your theme instantly on their own server with their own domain name and allows you to earn recurring revenue from your theme.

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